OnlyFans star Elle Brooke explains coffin stunt that saw Astrid Wett pull out of bout

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke insists her coffin stunt was meant as a joke after Astrid Wett cited it as a reason she pulled out of their boxing fight.

Brooke was scheduled to fight fellow content creator Wett at a Kingpyn boxing event this Saturday in London. The pair appeared at a press conference to promote the fight last month, with Brooke bringing out a coffin with a blow-up doll inside of it that depicted her rival Wett.

Just two days later Wett announced she was pulling out of the fight for fear of her own safety, citing the coffin stunt and other reasons for her withdrawal. Brooke reacted to Wett’s decision to pull-out of the fight by insisting that her vows to “kill” Wett were taken out of context.

“It was just meant as a joke. I know Astrid pointed out that a boxer had died earlier that week. Obviously that’s really sad and if I was aware of that I wouldn’t have done it, but I didn’t know. It was never to mock boxing or anyone that had got injured,” Brooke told Mirror Fighting.

“When I say ‘I’m going to kill Astrid’ I don’t actually mean I’m going to murder her and put her in a grave, it’s just metaphoric for ‘I’m going to win this fight’. Of course I want to knock her out, but do I actually want to kill her? No, that’s a play on entertainment because we’re influencers and no ones watching us for our skills. They are watching us for entertainment, so it was nothing deeper than that.”

Brooke now fights former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker on Saturday’s event, with the OnlyFans star insisting Bunker has shown better boxing ability than Wett. Brooke said she didn’t watch Wett’s lengthy video explaining why she pulled out of the fight and thinks her former opponent was looking for an easy way out.

“I didn’t watch it because I knew it would p*** me off,” she added. “At the end of the day, she knew what she was signing up for. You had an opportunity there and I feel like she knew she was going to lose or something bad was going to happen. It’s just a quick get out really. She hasn’t thought of that stuff herself, she’s sat down with her managers and thought ‘I don’t want to fight, how can I get out of this?'”