Redefining Financial Literacy



With over thirty-six years of industry experience, Cindy Couyoumjian is committed to filling the financial literacy void for many Americans. In her timely and thought-provoking book, Cindy gives a unique macro perspective of what she calls ”the hidden forces behind your money,” which are the unseen political and economic forces that may influence your investment decisions.



Through meticulous research, Cindy shows how these hidden forces have contributed to a complex retirement system, which includes pensions, social security, and what she believes is the outdated 60/40 investment model. To address this issue, Cindy spent endless hours developing a new multi-asset class investment methodology, known as the REALM model, that may offer broader investment strategies aimed to mitigate risk from the hidden forces that may negatively impact your goals.

Redefining Financial Literacy can help you


  • Understand the complex macro forces that you cannot control, yet could determine your financial future,
  • Take actionable steps to regain command of your retirement strategy,
  • Build a retirement with potential durable income strategies, lesser volatility, and risk-adjusted returns.Redefining Financial Literacy and Cindy’s innovative REALM model can open your eyes to investment possibilities while helping you regain confidence in the American dream.